Directorate General of Provincial Bank Construction of Sewage and Rainwater System in Muğla-Milas

Construction works including the construction of 204 km-sewage line and 55 km-rainwater line.

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8th Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) - Elazığ Gökpınar Irrigation and Hacılar Hydroelectric Power Plant Construction

Construction of irrigation and HPP supply duct including main supply duct for the purpose of transferring 5 m3/s water from Gökpınar Lake to Hacılar HPP at 32nd km and therefore annual production of 15 MW energy, a main duct which is 100 km in length and regulator, 5 ea. tunnels, 5 ea. culverts, wall ducts and trapeze duct and regulator for the purpose of irrigating an area of 6061 hectares.

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General Directorate of Turkish Hydraulic Works (DSİ) 10th Regional Directorate – Diyarbakır, Silvan Transmission Tunnel

21st century project which will transfer the water from Silvan dam to Silvan plain by means of two tunnels with a dimension of 7.80 m and length of 20,420 m (via tunnel boring machine (TBM)). (This project is carried out as joint undertaking with Yertaş İnşaat.)

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9th Regional Directorate of Turkish State Highways (TCK) - Diyarbakır Kocaköy – Genç Road at Diyarbakır – Silvan Intersection

Infrastructure and pavement works of a part (66 km) of Bingöl – Genç Road at the intersection for Diyarbakır – Silvan road which is within the boundaries of the 9th Regional Directorate of Turkish State Highways.

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